The danger of chicken carcasses in catfish ponds

Breeders in Indonesia used to make a catfish pond around the cage. The pool was created because it can be used to take advantage of dead chicken in catfish food. Both the chicken carcasses died from strangulation or starvation. This was found to affect the chickens around the pond dying. The reasons are the smell of carrion in the pool and the level of stress in chickens.
 The first cause is the smell of a corpse in the pond. Bacteria that produce acetic acid and methane were the cause of the smell of rotting cadavers. Blood that settles on the body of the chicken, then mixed with water makes an increasingly severe bad odor. This odor can lead to damage to the health of the other chickens. They will breathe improperly because the smell of it. Then the chicken body will be weak and impact on mortality. This incident experienced by Aminah, A chicken farmer in the area south of Malang. Since she threw the chicken carcass into a pond catfish, many chickens around her cage died. Though chicken carcasses were in catfish ponds that didn’t die because of a virus, but the chicken was to die for choke rope. Turns the carcass smell that makes the chicken around the pool to die, because since she was cleaning the catfish pond, the pond, chickens eating and drinking becomes stable. Health organization in Indonesia on its Website, argued that the aroma of chicken carcasses can spoil the tranquility in healthy chickens, so the decreased appetite, weakened immune chicken and eventually die. Things like this should be known by farmers in Indonesia to immediately avoid it.
The second is the level of stress in chickens. Stress is not due to change of weather, but the chickens possess feelings. Chicken carcasses in catfish ponds could affect stress in chickens around and lead to death. This is caused the feelings in animals. When the chickens know that there are compatriots who died and were seen by them, then it will create stress in healthy chickens. John Webster, chief animal welfare at the University of Bristol, England states, "That animal has feelings of fear, sadness, and joy". So catfish ponds must be clean of dead chickens because chickens have an impact on its surroundings.
Indeed, catfish ponds located around the chicken coop are located. For catfish will grow rapidly in the slum and humid environment. Breeders can also take advantage of the pool to get rid of dead chickens. But keep in mind also that this thing is not good. Breeders should pay attention to the setting and the cleanliness of the pool enclosure, so that the surrounding healthy chickens.

By: Robby ZZN