Be Genius people

Dyah Nuraini
            Games can make us to be a successful person. Do you know about simulation game? Simulation games is a game that attempting to copy various activities from real life in form of game for various purposes such as// analysis and prediction. Usually there are no strictly defined goals in the game with the players instead allowed to freely control a character. Most of people have assumption that game will damage their learning system and make addicted. However, there are so many benefits of simulation games that we do not realize, especially for learns. Besides entertaining and chase away our boredom, game also can increase some factors, two of them are wits and social relationship.
            Learners surely want to understand what they learn about. To make it easier they need several strategies which can be imitated from simulation games. For example in the simulation games, we are playing a war that need analysis and prediction. We analyse what weapon we have, the mistakes that we have done before then prepared what will we do first and many more. Based on those analysis we can make a prediction. So, apply it in your learning, when you used to analyse what you have learned about, I am sure that you can predict what you will learn next even you might know what the questions that will appear in your exam. Those strategies will improve your  abilities in learning and of course it can sharpen your wist unconsciously. Currently there are more than half a billion people worldwide playing simulation games at least an hour a day and 183 million in the US alone. The younger you are, the more likely you are to be a gamer, 97% of boys under 18 and 94% girls under 18 report playing video games regularly. The research said that they are smarter then others.
            Moreover, simulation games have a good impact in our social relationship because we can have some kind of communications in the game and in reality. We can have chat with all of gamer in that game, even with foreigner. When we met someone unrecognized or friend that gamer too, we can share and have a good relationship with all of  people in the world. Interaction with someone else make a new knowledge for ourselves. Game is the best way to make it exciting to socialize with everyone, beside we entertain ourselves we also make a good relation with someone. As we know that the players of simulation game are not only teenager but also children and adult. It  make us communicate with them and unconsciously we can understand the characteristics for each of them. A good relationship build by exciting communication.               
The single biggest misconception about game is that they are an escapist waste time. However, more than a decades worth of scientific research show that gaming actually one of most productive ways to us for wasting time. Furthermore, simulation games help us produce something important for our wits and social relationship that can change our lives and potentially support us change the world. Let us play the game to be a genius person.