Nikita Nurul Milati
            Nowadays, modern people either officer or student have to come to their office and their school before 07.00 in the morning and most of them approximately need an hour to get their place. Certainly, it will make their morning so busy and in a hurry, so many people forget about having their breakfast. Specialist of nutrient explains that breakfast is the most important meal in a day because it will support their activity all day long. Furthermore, breakfast has many advantages which are not known by some people such as time and health.
            Many people think that having a breakfast is wasting their time in the morning, but if we think again, we can make a breakfast which is fast by cooking instant meal. According to Aura Ilmu Website, it is stated that there are many kinds of meal that good and appropriate for breakfast as like meal that contain carbohydrate such as rice, wheat or cereal, fruits or vegetables, and also food that contain protein such as egg, meat, and fish. For example, in this modern era, there are many instant meals that health and appropriate for breakfast and do not spend many times to have it. We can buy instant meal that can be consumed in a long term, so we can save it at home as stock for our breakfast, and we can choose the instant meal that health and appropriate for breakfast as like food that made from wheat or cereal, or we can eat fruits while we are going to our work place or our school.So, we can have our breakfast and start our activity without any trouble because breakfast do not need many times.
            The next advantage of breakfast is good for health. Based on Aura Ilmu Website, it is mentioned that some advantages of breakfast are breakfast becomes source of energy and be able to increase the memory of brain. Moreover, based on a study in 1999, in International Journal of Food Sciences and Nutrition, it is stated that that having meal such as big meal and low carbohydrate meal for breakfast will make people feel more energetic, and keep their body from feeling tired all day long. Furthermore, based on a study that involve 319 teenagers around 13 until 20 years old in Journal of Adolescent Health, it is stated that having high energy meal for breakfast can help people in increasing memory of brain. Scientists also said that having high calorie meal for breakfast will hamper the concentration of brain. Therefore, breakfast is the most important meal because it is good for health.
            Now, there are no reasons for people to do not have their breakfast before they start their activity,for breakfast do not bother at all to their activity. Instead, it has many advantages for them, such as it does not spent long time because nowadays there are many instant foods that health and appropriate for breakfast, and another advantages are good for health because breakfast becomes source of energy and be able to increase the memory of brain.