Hand line

The Secret of Human’s Hand Lines
            We know that created humans differently, such as in their physical, skin color, even lines of their hand. God creates all of the things include human, for a certain purpose and wisdom for human themselves. So we as God creatures have to believe and receive everything which God gave to us. Recently, many people say that someone who believe in hand lines is syirik (betray to God) and useless thing. On the other hand, I myself believe that there are some secrets of hand lines. They are Arabic number and we can learn about life of it.
            First, in the hand lines there is Arabic number which called asmaul husna (the name attribute of God which number 99). It is 18 in the right hand and 81 in the left hand, and if we sum it, it will be 99. So when we look at our hand line, we will remember to God. Moreover, our heart confesses God automatically. According to my experience, when  I was in Islamic boarding school, I was curious about the meaning of someone hand lines. After I asked to my teacher and browsing in the internet, I got the conclusion that the number 99 in our hand lines is attribute of God, and God always control us as God’s creatures. Furthermore, based on the Al-Qur’an said that actually God always with us.
            Next, by hand lines we can learn about life. Life is not something easy, so we have to try to getour happiness. Like three things which have been fated by God such as age, wealth, and mate. Sometimes, someone wants to get them with some wrong ways. Let say the three lines of our hand are age line, wealth line, and mate line. When we close our hand, the lines are invisible, it means that we have to try to get everything we want. Moreover, based on the Al-Qur’an said that God will not change someone’s destiny except they change it by themselves.
            In this case, the truth secret of hand lines is known by God only. We are as God’s creatures just believe in God and accept everything which gave to us. Moreover, we can take the values of hand lines, they are number 99 (asmaul husna) which make us always remember to God, and learning about life but do not believe at all with hand lines. We must still believe in God only, and show our effort to get what we want.

By: Hasan Zainuddin