Kinds of Hijab Based on The Profession
            In this modern era, hijab is familiar to Moslem woman. Hijab is a cloth or fabric that used to cover all of a woman’s body. There are many women presume that more flexible to do something without hijab, but many of them have decided to wear hijab even they have a job which difficult to do with wear it. There are two kinds of hijab based on the profession, they are hijab for outside worker and hijab for inside worker.
            Someone who work outside and radiated sun light directly, of course they will feel hot and sweaty. Moreover, Moslem woman who uses hijab and work outside as like a reporter, they have to consider the fabric and the way usage of their hijab.They have to wear hijab which has thin fabric as like paris, because it will make themfeel cool although they worked outside. Furthermore, do not wear it with too many variations, just wear it simple as like fold it to be triangle, then twist it around the neck and bundle it at behind, it will make them still comfort eventhough they work outside.
On the other hand, an official who worked inside and use air condition in their room, they will be easier to choose which hijab that they want to wear, because, although they wear hijab of thick fabric, they will not feel hot. They can wear pasmina from cotton or thick fabric. Furthermore, they can wear it with various styles that they want, such as wear it with one of pasmina side longer, then round the longer side to the opposite side and take it on the upside, and you may add the brooch on your hijab like in the picture below. Some of the pictures below, the writer took it from Dian Pelangi’s book ”Hijab Street style”.
Allah SWT has managed the fortune of everyone, so do not afraid of losing a job because wearing hijab. Dian Pelangi as a Moslem fashion designer said in her book “Hijab Street Style” that we have to be confident with our hijab, eventhough we have various professions. So enjoy your job and your activity, but still do your obligation as good Moslems by your hijab. As Dian Pelangi said, the writer wrote this essay because she wants to inspire Moslem women to enjoy wearing hijab eventhough they have different professions, and hope this essay will be useful and inspire Moslem woman each other.

By: Nikita Nurul Milati