Military Forces

Military Forces Removal
Sometimes many people think that talking about the military is about the defense and attack. The thoughts on defense and attack make the military more identical with war. How if the military forces in the world is abolished? I personally agree with the military forces removal based on two reasons. First, it is because of their existence which can trigger a war. Second, it is without the military forces, the country can stay safe.
Based on history, we know that the military army in a country used to as a tool of war. Actually, the war was not driven directly from the army themselves, but because of their leader’s command. However, because of the military army, the country leader easier does his willing to attack other countries. Hence, it makes for war. For example, the leader of the Nazi-German army, Adolf Hitler, who is well known as a ruthless dictator made statement that everyone had different races would be attacked and destroyed. Hitler considered that his race, the Aryan race, was the highest race in the world. Even worse, he massacred people such as children, women, and old people miserly, and it was a violation of human rights indeed. Of course, the attack will not happen if it is not supported by the military forces that can be called as an instrument of war.
Without any military forces, the country can stay safe. In fact, based on Kaskus, there are few countries that do not have the military force. That countries include Kiribati, the Vatican, Costa Rica, and Granada. However, these countries still have a national police as security defense system. As we know that the police duty is only for their country from the inside. Besides, only the military force can carry out overseas expansion and it can make relation to rise the war. These countries are small, but the most important thing is without any army, they still live in harmony.
Thus, the existence of the military force is not even makes the country save, but it could lead a war that threatens the world peace. Although, a country still  has a defense system such as the Police to defend their country from the inside. Without the existencee of military forces in each country could make the country stay safe because the threat or war cannot be implemented, for it is not supported by instrument and it is offensive the military force itself.

By : Nur Faizzah