Women’s Opinions of Mustache
            Mustache is identical with a man. The word of mustache itself has been used by Italian in fourteenth century. Mustache can be a masculine symbol of a man, and it also can be a charm to women. There are three women’s opinions of mustache. They are thin mustache, combination between mustache and beard, and without mustache.
            A few decades ago, the men thought that have a thick mustache is like a symbol of masculine. However, as the time goes, that mindset changed. Nowadays, the men prefer the thin mustache because it gives manly impression but does not bother them, and the women prefer the thin mustache because they think that thick mustache gives old impression. Besides, there are some women think that a man who has a thick and long mustache is disgusting. For example, Johnny Depp, this famous actor has kept his thin mustache for the last years, and he still looks young with that mustache.
            Meanwhile, there is another trend of mustache. It is a combination between mustache and beard. The men trim their mustache and beard , but they do not trim them well. They let them just a little until they look like a pencil painting. This style of mustache is also preferred by some women because it gives sexy impression. For instance, the vocalist of Maroon 5, Adam Levine, he has a very thin style of mustache and beard, and no one hesitates his sexiness.
            On the other hand those styles of mustache above, there are also some women like a man without mustache. It is because of the man without mustache is a man who keeps his sanitation. As we know that some women really care about the sanitation and not only care about her own sanitation but also her environment. Thats why, those women like men without mustache. As we know Robert Pattinson, as the actor of Twilight, he has no mustache, but he still has a strong charm to many women.
            Based on those examples above, we can get many information about kinds of mustache, especially mustache which is liked by women. Woman itself has different desire for what mustache style which is had by men. However, whatever the mustache style which is had by a man whether it is thin mustache, combination mustache and beard, or without mustache. The men surely have their own charm of women who look at them.

By: Anindya Iman Sari