Playing Drums and the Human Brain
Playing a drum set is not easy, since it has a difficulty level for some people. The main thing that in touch when playing the drum is the performance of the brain. As I know, playing drums can increase the concentration, imagination and the balance of left and right brain.
 While we are playing drums, we will concentrate. When banged on a drum stick we need more concentration to produce the desired tone. Movement of the hands and feet also affects the tones produced. The chairman of Gaung UNISMA, Muhammad Teguh Mubarok said "Why were most of the drummers’ geniuses? Because when they play the drum, they can divide the brain to move our feet and hands. So, it will stay focused on the goal / next rhythm. Playing drums is one of fun ways to train the concentration. Gilang argues that play drum for children can improve their right brain work. So that  the child will be more creative and have a higher imagination. Next, imagination is one of the cornerstones of the child's world. From the age of two years children show the behavior of imaginations. All things can spark the imagination of children, including objects in their daily activities. It is because the child uses the object as a symbol. Children learn to develop his imagination to symbolize one thing into another thing. For example, a child can change the turn into the boat, and change some of the pan into a proper musical instrument drum.
When we play a rhythm, all parts of the brain (left and right brain) will work. For example, the left brain will work to  move your body right, and right brain will work to mobilize the body's left side. In addition to moving the body, the brain is also working to make sure the game was timely and consistent. Playing the drum is also influential in development between the two sides of the brain. That precision of movement when moving the right hand and left foot, and vice versa. Researchers show that some people whose brain injury, the brain is interrupted. While practicing plays the drums, they would show a surprising improvement for the balance of his mind trained.
Therefore, if you think that the drums are just about rhythm and sound noisy, you are totally wrong. I have expressed previously that by playing drums also have many excellent benefits for the human brain, especially the concentration, imagination and the balance between left and right brain.

By : Suhirman