Pendeman as part of Pencak Silat Show
Studying the culture is something that is uncommon in Indonesia. Some people think that Indonesian culture is outdated. Therefore, many Indonesian cultures are endangered because it is not desirable anymore. To overcome this, Pencak Silat as one of the nation's culture since ancient times held an additional attraction to attract people. The attraction called Pendeman. What Pendeman is, how Pendeman process, and what the benefits will be discussed below.
               First, Pendeman is a unique additional attraction in the art of Pencak Silat aiming for more entertaining and engaging the audience in order to see Pencak Silat. Pendeman actually comes from the Javanese language means grave. The means to bury someone, then dig it again after a long enough time. This is where the uniqueness, the person who is logically cannot live anymore because there is no oxygen, food, or drink supply are still alive after being buried in this attraction. One of Petung Sewu villagers named Ilyas said that Pendeman is remarkable attraction that uses the ancient Javanese science usually only taught in certain people, so not everybody can do it.

Then, the process in this Pendeman attraction is uncomplicated, but quite stressful. First, the person who will be buried still wears clothes, but the whole body tied with rope. Second, he is made unconscious and stiff by the leader of a Pencak Silat group called warriors. After that, he was immediately buried without a shroud that is used to bury a Muslim. After approximately two hours, the grave was dug up again and the person is appointed in unconsciousness as before, but now he is in his complete shroud like a usual  corpse. Finally, his shroud is opened and he is revived by the warriors.
The last, Pendeman useful to help preserve Pencak Silat cultural performances in the society so that they do not forget it. It is also a strategy  in attracting young people to join the group, so Pencak Silat members are not always adults only. According to Mr. Sulkan, 45 years old, one of the Petung Sewu villagers, this Pendeman show is creepy yet intriguing. He thinks that this does not make sense thing which makes him always wait for the Pencak Silat show, whereas previously he does not really interested in the show.
In short, Pendeman is an attraction to entertain the public with challenging scenes so that they come to watch Pencak Silat show and to attract the younger generation to join Pencak Silat group. Thats why people do not just forget about the culture that has been existing since the ancestors era.

By: Isnaini Farida Khilmi