Script Drama " Siti Masyitoh"


·         Group 3:
Rubiatun Hasanah       as         Siti Masyithoh
Hasan Zainudin           as         Fir’aun
Nikita Nurul Milati     as         Princess Taia (Fir’aun’s daughter)
Eni Hasnaul Faiq        as         Ruqoy (Superior soldier)
·      Additional actors/actrees:
Ahmad Ivan Fathoni   as         Salman (Masyithoh’s husband)
Emilia Nur F.              as         Safiya  (Masyithoh’s daughter)
                                    Robby Zulfa Z.N        as         Soldier
                                    Azwar Ali Amzah       as         Soldier
                                    Dyah Nuraini              as         Narator

November 2016
Scene 1
            Once upon a time, in 1300 years before century, there was a huge kingdom in Egypt. The kingdom was led by a rude king who confess himself as a Lord, he is Fir’aun.
Fir’aun             : Ruqoy, bring the person who did not obey my rules!
Ruqoy             : I will, my king.
(Ruqoy bring the person who did not obey Fir’aun’s rule to the front of him)
Ruqoy             : Here is the person who did not obey your rules, my king.
Fir’aun             : Soldier! Kill him!
Soldier             : I will, my king.
(Soldiers kill that person)
Fir’aun             : Kill everyone who does not obey my rule! Haha..
Scene 2
            King Fir’aun has a beautiful daughter, her name is Princess Taia. Princess Taia has a luxurious life, because she lives in a huge kingdom which led by her father. Princess Taia has the special servant that has special duties to comb her hair, her name is Siti Masyithoh.   
Princess Taia   : Masyithoh..!! Masyithoooh..!! Masyithoooh..!!
Masyithoh       : Yes, I’m coming my princess. What can I do for you?
Princess Taia   : Where have you been? I have called you many times.
Masyithoh       : Forgive me, my princess. I just feeding my baby.
Princess Taia   : Hmm.. I forgive you for now. But, don’t do it any more. When I call you,  
  just come to me as soon as possible. Don’t make me waiting!
Masyithoh       : I will, my Princess.
Princess Taia   : well, comb my hair.
Masyithoh       : Sure my princess, I will comb your hair.
            Unintentionally the comb which is hold on by Masyithoh fall down to the floor, and spontaneously Masyithoh said “Astaghfirullohal’adziim”. The princess heard what is the Masyithoh said.
(The comb falls down to the floor)
Masyithoh       : Astaghfirullohal’adziim.
Princess Taia   : Masyithoh? What are you talking about, Masyithoh? Do I misheard? 
(Masyithoh is only silent and bow her head)
Princess Taia   : Masyithoh, Why do you say that?? Are you a moslem?
Princess Taia   : Your princess is asking, Masyithoh. Why do you only silent?
(Masyithoh still keep silent and do not answer the princess’ question)
Princess Taia   : Ok, if you do not want to answer me, I will tell it to my daddy.
Scene 3
Princess Taia comes to meet her daddy, Fir’aun. She tells everything that just happened in her room.
Princess Taia   : Ruqoy !
Ruqoy             : Yes, my princess.
Princess Taia   : Where is my daddy now?
Ruqoy             : The king is on his throne now.
Princess Taia   : Ok, let’s go there.
(Princess Taia go to meet her daddy)
Princess Taia   : Daddy, I would like to tell you an important think.
Fir’aun             : Please, what is that my daughter?
Princess Taia   : Just now, when Masyithoh comb my hair in my room, unintentionally she  
 dropped the comb that she hold. Then spontaneously she said
Fir’aun             : What?! Is that true??
Princess Taia   : Yes, daddy. I heard it by myself when she dropped the comb. Ruqoy also in
  my room when it’s happened. Is it Ruqoy?
Ruqoy             : Yes, my king. I also heard it by myself when Masyithoh say it.
Fir’aun             : Hmm... Ruqoy! Bring Masyithoh to me!!
Ruqoy             : I will, my King.
(Back sound…)
(Ruqoy and the soldiers bring Masyithoh to the King)
Ruqoy             : My king, I bring you Masyithoh.
Fir’aun             : Hmm…
Ruqoy             : Kneel, Masyithoh!!
(Masyithoh kneels in front of Fir’aun)
Fir’aun             : Is it true what has my daughter said?
(Masyithoh only silent)
Princess Taia   : Masyithoh! Answer my daddy. Tell what’s happened in my room?
(Masyithoh only silent)
Fir’aun             : Who is your God, Masyithoh?!
Masyithoh       : My God is Allah.  
Fir’aun             : What are you talking about, Masyithoh??!!
                          You are my adherent. And I am your King, I am your Lord!!
Masyithoh       : My God is the one and only Allah SWT.
Fir’aun             : Hmm… Soldiers!!
 Boil the oil in a huge jar, and plunge Masyithoh and her family in it.
Soldier             : Yes, my king.
Masyithoh       : Nooo... Nooo... Please, just kill me, don’t kill my family.
Fir’aun             : Ruqoy, call all people to gather in the yard. Let all people see it, so they will
  know what will they get if they betray their king.
Ruqoy             : Sure, my King. I will call all people to gather.
Scene 4
            The soldier call all people to gather in the yard kingdom to see the punishment that will be given to Masyithoh, and as the sample for everyone who betray the king.
Ruqoy             : Attention please! I bring the message from the king. All people have to come
to the yard kingdom now to see the punishment for the person who betray the  
(All people gather in the yard kingdom)
Fir’aun             : Oh my adherents... Do you see this person?
  She is the person who betray her king.
Fir’aun             : I ask you again, Masyitoh ! If you want to live along with your family, then
  you should disbelieve in Allah and confess me as your Lord. If  you don’t
  want to confess me as your Lord, I will plunge you into the this boiling oil.
Masyitoh         : I'm not afraid of your threat, I sure in my mind that God is the one and only
  Allah SWT.
Fir’aun             : (loudly) Masyithoh ... !!! Tell Fir’aun is my god ...
Masyithoh       : Allahu Ahad.
(Fir’aun increasingly angry to hear the answer of Masyithoh)
Fir’aun             : Masyithoh...!!! How dare you!!! Don’t you wanna live?
Masyithoh       : Allahu ahad.
(Seeing Masyithoh’s courage, Fir’aun use other ways to persuade Masyithoh )
Fir’aun             : Well, if you don’t want to confess me as your Lord, I will plunge your husband in this boiling oil.
(Masyithot surprised n crying)
Masyithoh       : Abiii...
Fir’aun             : How Masyithoh? Do you want to lose your husband or you choose to
  worship me?
(Masyithot and her husband look each other while crying)
Husband          : Don’t worry, Umi. Don’t let our belief to Allah fade away just because of
  this threat.
Masyithoh       : Astaghfirullohal’adziim. Forgive me, Abi. Forgive me...
Husband          : Goodbye my wife. May we meet again in Allah’s heaven.
Masyithoh       : InsyaAllah, Abi.
Fir’aun             : Soldier!! Plunge him into the jar!!
Soldier             : Yes, my king.
Masyithoh       : Abiiiii.....
(Soldier plunge Masyithoh’s husband to the jar)
Fir’aun             : Masyithoh, you have lost your husband. Now say, Fir’aun is my Lord.
Masyithoh       : Allahu ahad.
Fir’aun             : Hmm... Masyithooh!!!
                          Soldier! Bring Masyithoh’s daughter!
(The soldier bring Masyithoh’s daughter)     
Daughter         : Umiii... Umiii... Umiii...
Masyithoh       : Nooo... Safiyaa...
                          Please, my king. Don’t punish my daughter, she is only a kid.
Fir’aun             : Ok, I will let your daughter life, but you have to worship me as your Lord.
Masyithoh       : Allahu Ahad.
Fir’aun             : Hmm... Soldier! Plunge this kid to the jar!
Daughter         : Umiii...
Masyithoh       : Forgive umi, my daughter.
  Recite Allahu akbar, baby. Recite Allahu akbar...
Daughter         : Allahu Akbar...
(Soldier plunge Masyithoh’s daughter to the jar)
Fir’aun             : How masyithoh? You have lost your husband and your daughter.
  Worship me, say Fir’aun is my Lord.
Masyithoh       : Allahu Ahad.
Fir’aun             : Masyithoooh...!!! I give you one chance. Confess me as your Lord or I will
  kill your baby.
(The soldier bring Masyithoh’s baby)
Masyithoh       : Oh my baby. Nooo...
(Masyithoh take her baby and hug her)
Fir’aun             : Now, take the decision. You worship me or you will lose your baby.
(Masyithoh kiss her baby and crying)
Masytihoh cries and there is a doubt in her face when she saw her baby in her hug, she is speechless and kiss her baby, until Allah SWT give the miracle. The baby who still three months and cannot speak yet, unexpectedly, talk to her mother, Masyithoh.
Baby                : Umi, strengthen your heart, strengthen your faith, Allahu Ahad. Allah’s
  heaven more beautiful than everything offered by Fir’aun. I will wait you in
  Allah’s heaven. We will be together in Allah’s heaven with father and my
  sister Safiya also.
Masyithoh       : (screaming) Subhanallaah... Allahu Akbar...
  Forgive me, ya Allah. Forgive me, I have hesitated you.
Fir’aun             : Soldier! Take the baby, plunge her to the jar!
To maintain her baby from soldier’s hand, Masyithoh till fall down and cry. Some people who see Mashithoh’s struggle start to fall their tears.
Masyithoh       : (screaming) Nooo... Nooo...
  Allahu akbar... Allahu akbar...
(The Soldier plunge the baby)
Fir’aun             : Now you are alone, you have lost all of your family.
  Do you still don’t want to worship me?
Masyithoh       : Allahu Ahad... Although you destroy all of my family, I will never confess 
  you as the Lord, even worship you. I believe that the only one God is Allah
  SWT. I am sure that Allah will let me meet my family in the Allah’s heaven.
Fir’aun             : Soldier! Plunge Masyithoh to the jar!
  I will not let everyone who betrais me live.
(The soldier plunge Masyithoh to the jar)
Masyithoh       : Laailaaha illallaah wa Muhammdurrosulloh... Allaahu Akabar...

Masyithoh willing to die, willing to lose her family for the sake of faith to Allah SWT. May Masyithoh and her family f live happily in Allah’s heaven. Allah said in Alqur’an “Whoever obeys Allah and Rasululloh, later in beyond, they will be with prophets, with honest people in Allah’s way, with people who dies in Allah’s way, whom Allah have given them blessing. They are very good companions for all mukmin.” (QS. An-Nisa : 69)