Contrast Text

The Differences between Studying in University and Senior High School

            Although university and junior high school are places to look for knowledge, they have some differences. In the university, the students only come to class for about five days in a week with different times. Next, the students can wear the clothes freely. The important point the cloths of student must be immaculate when they are in the class. In the university, the students can have many friends from different area such as East Java, Bali, NTB, etc. So they are should use Indonesia language for communicate each other. In contrast, in senior high, students come to class in six days with the same time, in senior high also students must use a uniform based on the schools’ rule. Then, in senior high usually students are from the same area. So, some of them easy to communication. To sum up, although they have some differences, but they become important place to add knowledge.