The Effect of Over Selfie
Have you taken picture own self using gadget? If you have, that is happened because you are not confident with yourself and it is one of personality mental trouble. Selfie is narcissism, using gadget in every moment and place that they think important to memorize. However, over selfie is habitual taking pictures of their own self in every activity, then they share in social media. Usually they do selfie using front or behind camera. There are some causes from doing over selfie. The first is to decrease someone inner beauty (the beauty that comes from inside of their own self), and the second is will make friendship trouble.
The first, we have to know that over selfie can decrease our inner beauty, it happened because someone who like selfie usually pays attention their style too much, instead they do not want to look imperfect at all. In addition, they have many ways to make their style look interesting. For example,  they will waste their time in front of the mirror and use some accessories to make their style look perfect. But do not you ever think if they do it in many times, it will make their inner beauty covered by their appearance. This activity should be avoided in order protect us from BDD (body dysmorphic disorder). BDD is kind of metal, acute disease which make the sufferer think about their style too much. But don’t worry, this disease can be handled by psycoteraphy, medicine, guidance and support from their family.
The second, even though we are the creature of God, every person has differences. The differences are not only about the characteristic, but also people’s opinion about selfie. Not all people like doing selfie because sometimes selfie makes someone get a negative comment from another. For example, the picture which they shared in social media do not get many good comments. When someone gets a bad comment from other people, maybe they will just keep silent, but some of them feel disturbed. From this case, it will become a quarrel in social media. Some people who have a friendship may probably become an enemy. So, selfie can destroy a friendship.
From the explanation above, we can conclude that we should less doing selfie and sharing our pictures in social media. Just show the useful pictures of other people, so people around you can take the advantage and new knowledge from the picture which you have shared.
By: Yuni Indrawati