Comparison text

University and Senior High School
            Nowadays, many places for us to gain knowledge, some of them are University and senior high. Although they are different, but they have some similarities. Such as: the first, they have the same rules. For example, when students in the class, they should be on time and the clothes should be immaculate. Next is about the system of evaluating or the test. Both of them have same system of the test such as UTS and UAS. To get a good score the students should be pass them. And the last is the activity of outside the class or called the extracurricular, not only in senior high we find extracurricular such as Pramuka, Futsal, Basketball, Dance, music etc. but also in the university also have the extracurricular. In short, the similarities University and Senior High school will make us enjoyable in look for knowledge and add experiences. So, Where the best experiences do you get?